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Why will you choose the techtotechnology website for aadhar card correction?

Aadhar is a 12-digit verifiable identification number issued by UIDAI and serves as proof of identity and address. If the residents want to amend the Aadhar information, they can update it online through the techtotechnology site or go to the Permanent Registration Center.

What is the scenario you need to update your techtotechnology?

Residents may have to change their address and name due to life events such as marriage.

Have the child re-register at the age of five.

If the residents move to a new place, they may need to change their address.

Residents have reached 15 years of age.

Events such as the death or marriage of any relative will result in a change in relative details.

Any event such as an accident or disease

An error occurred while registering.

Invalid biometric capture

What details are updated in the aadhar card?


Contact number


Birth date and age

Email and residential address

Relationship status

Fingerprint, iris, and facial photograph

Updating Aadhar card details online:

To request updates to your biometrics and demographic details, including address, Residents are required to visit the Permanent Registration Center. 

Update/Name Change Process in Aadhar Cards:

Suppose the residents have different names on the PAN and Aadhar card or want to change the name on the Aadhar card due to other reasons. They can go to the nearest permanent registration center and change their name by following these steps:

Step 1: Fill out the application form to update the Aadhar card’s name and enter the form’s correct name.

Step 2: Submit required documents as proof of request.

Step 3: After submitting the request, Management will send a receipt after registering the update request. Residents must pay Rs. 25 for update requests.

Step 4: Enter your Aadhar number or Virtual ID and Captcha and click Enter OTP to get OTP on the registered number.

Process of updating date of birth in Aadhar:

Step 1: Go to the nearest Permanent Registration Center and complete the Aadhar Update Form stating the date of birth.

Step 2: Submit proof of age along with the form. They will also have to pay Rs. 50 + tax to the executives.

Step 3: The management will then take the biometric information to verify identity and send a receipt with URN. The URN number can be used to check the update status. This usually takes about 90 days.

Mobile Number Update Process in Aadhar Card:

In case the resident did not use the number provided at the time of registration or did not provide any number at the time of registration. They can update their mobile number by visiting the Permanent Registration Center. The procedure for updating a mobile number is similar to updating any other details except that there is no need to provide any evidence to update the mobile number, unlike name update. To update the mobile number, they have to fill out the update form and pay the fee of Rs. 50 upon submitting the request. The management will provide a receipt after registering the update request.

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